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Starting with classical and electric guitar, Arndt Kielstrøpp soon discovered hip hop as one of his strongest musical inputs. After playing guitar in various hip hop projects (e.g. Ferris MC, Nu Prophets, Lyrical Poetry) and several vinyl and CD releases, he switched his focus on electronic music.
Especially jungle, drum&bass and breakbeat and later deep house were his most important influences. After listening to artists like Aphex Twin or Squarepusher, he started to mix guitar and electronic music and began to create his own tracks on the computer. Parallel to producing, he had a radio show where he presented his favourite electronic tunes and made interviews with e.g. Kid Loco, Goldie, Rockers HiFi, Peshay, Coldcut, Basement Jaxx and Morcheeba. During that time he started djing on events he organized by himself with artists like DJ Vadim, Squarepusher and Dub Pistols.
In 1999 he founded the label audiopharm in Hannover, where he developed several successful compilations like Brazilectro, Afrotronic or Asia Lounge. Together with audiopharm artist Moodorama, Marschmellows or Lava, he began playing clubs all over Europe. His style varies from future jazz, latin, deep house to downtempo and drum&bass. Additional to his work as a dj, he gave musical input and played guitar on some exclusive tracks from Brown, Smith & Grey and Janice, for example on “Voodoo Bliss” which was released on Afrotronic 2 compilation. In 2002 he left audiopharm and started to work at UK dance label Ministry of Sound in Berlin where he djayed the brazilution-tour and further gigs with artists like Hacienda or Ian Pooley. On the production side, he and his long time musical companion Christoph Isermann founded the project “Concorde à L’Orange”.
Christoph Isermann
Raised with the music from Miles davis, Herbie Hancock and Roy Ayers, Christoph Isermann started to play bass and piano in several jazz funk bands in Germany. In 1994 he worked as a writer, producer, bass player and keyboarder in Londons soul and acid jazz scene with people like Maysa Leak (Incognito) or The Brand New Heavies. With Yak Bondys band "Zero G", he conquered the british charts with a hip hop version of "Peter & the wolf" which was very much respected by the british media and sold gold in the UK. In the same year, he formed the electric jazz project "Gamut of Crime" and was also writing classical music for symphony orchestras and film scoring. From 1996 on, Christoph continued to work as arranger, keyboarder and bass player for Randy Crawford, Mousse T., Mary J. Blige and nuyorican Soul. Apart from his jazz background, he was fascinated by electronic music, latin and soul and five years later he started the breakbeat/jazz collective "Brown, Smith & Grey". With that project he had many releases on 12" vinyl which were listed often in the German Club Charts and also released on compilations like Brazilectro, Destination Out, Asia Lounge or Afrotronic. Many of these tracks were produced with brazilian singer Janice Andrade which were relased on compilations in Japan, France and the US and made "Brown, Smith & Grey" known worldwide.

Concorde à L’Orange was founded by Christoph Isermann and Arndt Kielstrøpp in summer 2003. Before they started the project, both have been working together for years on tracks between latin and afrobeat which were released on compilations like “Destination Out” or “Afrotronic”. After working together successful on single ideas, it was time to start a common project – Concorde à L’Orange. From their main studio in Hannover, they explore the connections of jazz, soul, global grooves breakbeat and deep house. Basis of their work are piano, rhodes, guitar and bass played by themselves but also programming, sampling and the manipulation of sound. Additionally, they work with singers and instrumentalists from all over the europe to create various combinations of styles. The first release of Concorde à L’Orange is the track “Akschar Offshore”, which is released on the compilation “Karma Collection” from UK dance label Ministry of Sound.

Concorde à L’Orange offer a DJ-set – provided by Arndt Kielstrøpp.

is an electronic Jazz project of Christoph Isermann and friends, founded in 2001 with the intention to create new music, mixing indian and asian native instruments and vocals with Elements of Jazz and Breakbeat.

by the way: at the moment we are searching for indian vocals

Rye is a singer living in Berlin. On her debut album she is presenting songs with a tengable quality that keep you comforted like your favourite jumper. Her expressive voice makes you listen like you would to your closest friend talking to you affectionately of intense emotions , dreams, and wisdom, creating an atmosphere of understanding and love.
It all began when she waited to catch the ferry to Dover from some Belgian harbour at the age of fifteen. To make the time go she grabbed her guitar and started singing, eyes closed as always to open them up to a roar of applause from the many interrail travellers gathered at the station. Years later she made her passion her profession. One of her main characteristics is her optimistic view:"Everything is possible if you manage to utilize your imagination. Life is full of surprising options – it is The Kick itself!"
Between 1993 and 2006 there were many releases featuring Rye as a singer in the field of Acid Jazz and Nu Jazz, such as:


Her singer/songwriter debut album unites high intensity with this familiar notion you get from looking at your photo albums. The pace of real time seems to be slowing down and the highs and lows of life gain new profile. Rye says: "It´s as if you let a magnifying glass slide over a map. All of a sudden certain towns, rivers, mountains become prominent and slip back into anonymity just as fast. This casual way of dealing with your perceptions allows to picture crucial emotions and situations in a light and fluent, poetic way". And it shows how her songwriting is rooted in late 60's and early 70's styles of Jonie Mitchell and John Martyn and the balladesque approach of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. From her mid twenties on Ryes musical development must be seen within the context of her close cooperation with the fascinating and multi awarded guitarist Lothar Mueller. In him she found her musical soul mate and perfect counterpart. Their symbiotic and mutually stimulating way of songwriting explains the magnetizing effect of their songs presented on this debut album. Lothar plays his guitar in the way rye would love to play and Rye is singing the way Lothar would love to be singing. Result: a match of guitar and vocals, an intimate embrace of instrument and voice. Each song is created in this close form of co-writing. Either Lothar develops some harmonic structure to which Rye desighns melodies and lyrics or she sits at her piano composing a song which then he will arrange for guitar and vocals or they simply spend some time together making up complete songs. No matter which way, it results in mature and intimate expression. The way the album has been produced allows us to practically become part of this inner world displayed because the songs are not lost in the perfection of the surface. Instead we get feeling the music in rare intensity. We hear her breath sensually caressing the microphone and feel the sensitive touch of his fingertips on the strings.


Who ever listens to this debut album or visits one of their concerts will instantly recognise the unique qualities of the songs because they are as profound as they are transparent. As bright and clear and golden as the brilliant blue sky of the INDIAN SUMMER when everything seems to be within reach. Clear melodies and strong messages wrapped in a Neo-Folk appearance make perfect pop songs: complex, filigree and intense.

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Rye – My Reality